Community Project: Top 3 things to do in WoW before WoD

In answer to a recent request by Mr & Mrs WoW I am listing my top 3 things to do in World of Warcraft before Warlords comes out ( See info here ).

1. Pay it Forward

Not a novel concept I know but how many times have you applied it to a game? So what I propose is not just about encouraging you to get back in LOVE with the game but to help someone else out. You will feel good about it.

So what do I mean? Simply put help someone out.

  • Don’t ignore the new player questions you see in the chat channels. Help out and give them the links to WoW information sites like WoW Head and Icy Veins.
  • Find a new player, either to the realm or to the game, and give them 100 gold and 4 Netherweave bags. Such a simple thing but oh does it make things easier for them in the first few levels of play.
  • If you see someone’s toon being killed by some monster. Help out. First check to see if they need the help. Some players don’t want help with a kill if they almost have it. If I am on a healer I will give them a heal to keep them alive but let them get the satisfaction of achieving something difficult.

2. Grind a Ground Mount

Considering we will be on the ground for most of WoD if not all of it, grind a ground mount. Search the mounts on WoW Head or some other website and find a mount you want to ride. Then work on getting it. Towards the end of Cata I worked on Netherwing faction to get the flying mounts they have. So cool! Also the reputation is easier and as a max level toon you feel so overpowered doing the quests.

I am going try for the Talbuk mounts from the Kurenai faction on my Gnome DK. 🙂

3. Explore the Lore

I recently finished playing Warcraft 3 and I loved the lore in that game. It really connected with the knowledge I had from playing World of Warcraft. It made me think I needed to explore the lore of Warcraft a lot more.


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